Published: 22 JULY 2019

Opinion Szymon Karnas

These beautiful puppies use LactoAdapt to reduce their susceptibility to diseases, to increase their immunity and to stimulate their appetite in the transition to solid food, while young puppies receive Proartleg Junior for harmonious growth.

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Published: 22 MAY 2019

ISA German Shepherd

As it turned out after the time ISA ate Kong, for this reason also had to be operated on her stomach. Because the stomach was severely damaged, an intestinal paralysis occurred and ISA had to be operated again. Unfortunately, the condition of the bitch did not improve...

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Published: 21 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Ursula Paffrath

German Shepherd female initiated at 6 months - Giardia treatment and high doses of Lacto Adapt for intestinal rehabilitation.

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Published: 16 MARCH 2018

Opinion Monika and Magdalena

Monika Laskowska and Magdalena Mosiołek, owners of SHAHTOOSH Kennel

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Published: 24 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Natalija Dragan Gajari

As the owner of several dogs and breeder, I often encounter the problem of stomach and digestive problems. I usually solved this with diets, and in severe cases with a visit by a veterinarian, which meant a prolonged treatment with tablets and consequently, also great e...

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Published: 20 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Nataša Predalič

When my Hardy was one year old, he was poisoned and the consequences were unfortunately very long. Common diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to change of food - this was often on the "schedule".

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