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Celervis Pet

I think Celervis Pet is an interesting product, which in our reality - Himera veterinary hospital, a 24-hour site in Palermo, has been of great help to us, especially in the post-convalescence stages or important post-therapy or post-operative stages.

I am referring in particular to an experience and for this reason I recommend it in all those toy breeds that have a truly critical control of blood sugar. I am referring again to one of my patients - a chihuahua who has passed an important diarrheal phase and a 3-day hospitalization phase, who was practically reluctant to eat and who was managed in these 3 days with the Celervis Pet, certainly causing an improvement already in the 3-4 hours after the administration, we are talking about a subject who was down, to be particularly active and afterwards was willing to eat  or to take drugs. So it allowed us to continue the therapy without having to force the intake of drugs. It was a very useful experience that we replaced instead of the famous honey under the palate given to Chihuahuas who did not eat and therefore I consider it a valid product that we are dispensing in our hospital in such a way that it is available especially in critical phases in the admissions at our hospital.


Celervis Pet


Dr. Vet med. Carmelo Panzarella

Himera veterinary hospital, Palermo


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