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Testimonial from Ms. Schweitzer

Both of these dogs had problems with their hair all their lives and especially with very painful hotspots. Countless visits to the vet, food changes, mostly only brought short-term relief and even a visit to a specialist in skin and hair diseases in Hungary did not bring long-term success.

The problems flared up again within a very short time and were particularly severe in June of this year.
The Schweitzer family came to me by recommendation and asked me for advice.
We extensively discussed a therapy for both bitches with our natural products, which was started immediately, but in this case it was very important to me that both bitches were presented to the vet at the same time, as the hotspots continued to be violent.
Amay and Kira were treated at the vet with the classic therapies, to ensure quick assistance. At this point it was important to give confidence to the natural products and the time to be able to work. What has been wrong for years cannot be repaired in a few days, even with the best of resources.
The Schweitzer family showed patience and trust and they were rewarded.
For treatment, the diet was changed immediately, at the beginning LactoAdapt-MultiAdapt-CortiAdapt were administered exactly according to weight and the CortiAdapt Gel was used externally. Now both bitches get only the basic food from our program and, if necessary, the LactoAdapt and MultiAdapt are used for support..


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Prepared by
Petra Maibüchen Germany


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