Shih tzu TIBU Sap's Nuestro Perro

Published: 11.06.2018

With show dogs, people invented a lot of ways to care for and protect their hair. One such invention to protect hair from mechanical damage, from urine, or in the case of ears while eating, is curlers.

Normally they are very useful and functional, however it happens in random cases, that if they are done badly they can cause irreparable damages, for example the ear or tail necrosis. And that's what happened to us. My dogs do not have protected tails, but their ears. I imagine if I was at home and not in hospital, I would be able to understand what the problem is and all the reasons why the dog started scratching his ear constantly, which was red, with no secretions in the ear and odorless. Every day he became more nervous. As I said before, I was a long time in the hospital my contact with dogs was limited to messenger, through which I talked with dogs and my husband's stories about them. My husband told me about this ear, but since the bacteria did not come out, we said it was a nervous tic that the dog has, a kind of trauma. We decided to remove the curlers. Tibon was scratching less, but the problem did not completely resolve. On December 22, I returned from the hospital and the first thing I did, I decided with my whole family to bathe the dog. I felt something rough at the end of the ear, a scrupulous edge, so I washed his ear very gently, I thought it was the scabs caused by persistent scratches in the ear. The ear inside was purple therefore.
I gave him the drops for the ears bought from the vet that I always keep at home in case of necessity. It's been a week and no improvement. Another bath showed us the cause of the problem. During the bath I rubbed his ear and a piece of ear fell together with the hair. I can not describe what I've tried. The first thing I did was cut the hair on both ears completely to the length of the cartilage. I started administering to Tibon CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt immediately. The only thing I regret is that there was not yet the Soft Pad Butter, because the hair would have grown faster. The dog stopped scratching his ear very quickly. Today it has beautiful hairs above.
Here is the story of Tibon's ear and the answer to the question why Tibon did not compete on shows for so long. All my friends know this story and the appearance that Tibon had at the time and for the others I am attaching photos. I have had many objections to describing my dog's story, but I think it will help other people if there is such a problem. And as we all know, these things happen.

Dog breed Shih Tzu TIBU Sap's Nuestro Perro - owner Katarzyna Niemiec

dogoteka, cortiadapt, multiadapt, soft pad butter

Tibon before

dogoteka, cortiadapt, multiadapt, soft pad butter

The piece of dead ear together with hair

dogoteka, cortiadapt, multiadapt, soft pad butter

The violet place after the dead part of the ear. Visible cavity.

dogoteka, cortiadapt, multiadapt, soft pad butter

Tibon with packets on the ears and short hair.

Source: Facebook, Non Dimenticare,

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