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Published: 21.07.2018

Maj's story is about 5-year-old blue great dane, adopted 15 months ago, who came to me with ear problems. But I did not understand that it would be such a big problem.

Traveling with us in the car from his former owner to his house forever, I wondered why he was avoiding being caressed on the head - I thought ok will be stress, terror if it will be fine. I'm sorry. The second day, when Maj allowed us to get close (very quickly we made a deal, he knew that I lost my beloved Bunia and that he had to leave his beloved owner) and look into his ears already I knew what it was, disgusting and stinking . I thought, I did not wash one ear, so now it was wet, I gave her the drops with antibiotic and helped, fantastic! Then first relapse after a long time. Then tampon and the diagnosis: Pseudomonas aeruginosa - targeted antibiotic - worked for a while. More relapses, more targeted antibiotics, drops made, preparations available on the veterinary market ... .. antibiotic resistant antibiotic Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the decision to do autovaccination has been taken twice. The dog started to suffer. He did not let himself be touched (if a stranger wanted to get closer he snarled), he cried when he shook his head, he was apathetic-my heart was bleeding from impotence. There has been a temporary improvement in the increase of immunity through tablets and injections available on the veterinary market and on human beta -glutamine. The ears were cleaned every day, there were a lot of unpleasant green-smelling secretions. Someone will think how we can get to such a state and yet we did everything we could and we could not get rid of this crap, everything worked temporarily-I was devastated, I feared the worst. One evening I came across the web in an article about a Great Dane with pimples on the snout caused by a bacterium and the CortiAdapt preparation. I thought if this is a purifying product, maybe it would have helped us clean the body from this mess. In the evening I spoke to Mrs. Kasia, I discovered more about the MultiAdapt which incredibly raises the immune system. We decided to try it, it was already a life-saving board, or it would work or worse. ... We applied both products at once and after three days it was obvious that it was going in the right direction, the discharge from the ear was still there but it was seen that its volume was significantly reduced. Our therapy started on 21.2.2018 after 10 days of use of the two products there was a significant improvement, the smell disappeared and the secretions were minimal. After consulting Mrs. Kasia, we stopped with the CortiAdapt, but with the MultiAdapt we continue, now it's okay, ears are clean!
I must also add that Maj has a very big allergy: to food like chicken, turkey, duck, goose, beef, cow's milk, eggs of hens fed with feed, the grass is sure that what can still come out we'll find out in time. One of the effects of this is the terrible redness, the peeled elbows that perhaps came to me like this. We used various ointments, propolis ointment, vitamin A ointment, urea ointment, with olive oil, vaseline ... and I gave up nothing.

Ordering another MultiAdapt, I decided to order the Soft Pad Butter, without much enthusiasm, despite the reassurances of Mr. Kasia that works. Well, I took the big pack for economic matters because I have a Great Dane, not because I was convinced of its efficiency. What surprised me after a week of application, the first days of spring I noticed that the hair is growing on Maj's elbows- the schock! Now after two weeks of application to the elbows, these are no longer red, the hair is growing and the callouses are tightening. What I can write at the end is probably just the one, that Maj is a big fan of Non dimenticare products and I am satisfied with the effects.

multiadapt, cortiadapt, soft pad butter

My ears

multiadapt, cortiadapt, soft pad butter

Elbows before therapy

multiadapt, cortiadapt, soft pad butter

Elbows after 7 days of application f Soft Pad Butter

multiadapt, cortiadapt, soft pad butter

Elbows during therapy

Agnieszka Z.


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