Opinion Hana

Published: 13.01.2019

We present you Hana a French bulldog that has since 4 moths of age big problems with skin. She made visits in different veterinary clinics, she went through all allergy tests that have discovered that she is allergic to all-food, plants, environment.

She took long time Apoquell (oclacitinib)e corticosteroids. She went for special baths for dogs but problems always came back after she suspended corticosteroids. The owner asked for help Healthy dog Slovakia, distributor of Dogoteka products for Slovakia because she did not want that her dog takes corticosteroids. She was recommended to take CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt in high dosages and once in a week she was washed with shampoo with helichrysum extract. On this pictures you can see the results after 2 months of therapy but the first results were visible already after 3 weeks of therapy. The hair start to grow also on places where before for long time it was only skin, the skin is not irritated and itchy anymore.

The opinion was collected by Healthy dog Slovakia


MultiAdapt, CortiAdapt

Before the treatment

MultiAdapt, CortiAdapt

After treatment
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