Opinion Magdalena Matuszak

Published: 29.01.2019

Beza is a female who likes to stay in touch and is also very active. Every day she travels several miles on a walk with her owner. Now, on cold winter days, for the wonderful Bezy, Madzia daily applies the Soft Pad Butter with an excellent effect.

In addition, the owner of Bezy decided to try the effect of Soft Pad Butter on herself spreading it on the thumb where she cut herself with a knife. As she says, the wound healed in a flash, even if it was deep enough and for a week it did not heal.

Here I quote: "After spreading this miraculous butter at night, in the morning it had a beautiful scar and today after 2 weeks there is no sign."

Soft Pad Butter

Magdalena Matuszak, Poland

Opinion collected by Kasia Niemiec, Non Dimenticare, Poland

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