Opinion Farida Machiavellian

Published: 12.12.2019

I heard about Dogoteka products in the dog world, so much as to prove its effectiveness on a subject of my Great Dane breeding in Egypt.

Being of large size since his puppy age his front legs tended to left-handedness, also limiting the movement so as not to burden The legs. I used ProartLeg Maxy and Multiadapt for him after consulting their professionals. In just over a month his paws have resumed correct growth, they straightened up, without having to resort to diets to lighten the weight of the dog. At only 9 months the dog is already Jr. Champion and occupies the podiums of the open class BIS.


Proartleg maxy, Multiadapt


Thanks Dogoteka! "


Emanuela Murrone - Farida Machiavellian-kennel, Egypt

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Greetings and have fun!

*in the case of air transport, we reserve the right to change gift Dogogel with Dogomilk 50 ml shampoo due to the directive on the transport of dangerous goods.
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