Opinion Hesse

Published: 08.06.2020

Mrs. Hesse had taken Sally at the age of about 4 months. The female had diarrhea like water. The immediate visits to the vet, where the giardia was found, did not bring any long-term improvement, even when the usual medications were administered.

The female was too small for her age, restless and eventually sick.


To build the gastrointestinal tract, we recommended LactoAdapt in high doses accompanied by MultiAdapt to strengthen the immune system.


After the intestines calmed down a bit (stools formed), Sally was given half the dose of Diagiar to get the intestines and stomach used to the ingredients and then the whole dose was given after a while.


As a precaution, Sally received the 3 products within 3 months.


Sally is now clearly negative to giardia, has super solid stools and eats normal dog food again.


dogoteka diagiar


What was important here was individual advice and trust.
Thanks for that 😘🙏
Prepared by Petra Maibuchen, for Dogoteka Germany

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