Opinion Jolanta Iwańska

Published: 13.06.2020

My 14-year-old KASPAR golden retriever (who will turn 14 on March 14) didn't go upstairs to sleep with us in the evening. He was alone, because nobody was able to carry him up, because he opposed and weighed not 30 but probably 100 kg.

Then he cried every day until all the lights were turned off. I bought supplements for him from Kasia Niemiec (Non Dimenticare). I described the problem and Kasia recommended therapy with two ProArtLeg maxy and MultiAdapt supplements. Already after a whole month, on December 12th, he surprised us and went up the stairs by himself. And so it remained. He goes upstairs several times a day, sleeps with his beloved Vasco. When we get back from the city, jump like a flapper. I still give it to you for prophylaxis. We are even happier because KASPAR because of his age had many concomitant diseases (hypothyroidism, regurgitation of the aortic valve) but he is supported by drugs and as you can see, he can do it. The great advantage of the preparations is that they can be administered to older dogs with various diseases because they are natural. I recommend.


dogoteka, multiadapt, proartleg maxy


dogoteka, multiadapt, proartleg maxy


Prepared by Kasia Niemiec Non Dimenticare official distributor for Dogoteka Poland

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