Opinione Monika Graf

Published: 13.08.2020

In late February, Ms. Graf contacted us about her male German shepherd Jakob.

He needed to receive support for his musculoskeletal system and we recommended the combination of Dogoteka products: LactoAdapt, MultiAdapt and Proartleg maxy.

After a short time Jakob was again much more agile and active and Mrs. Graf asked if we could help her because of his skin problem.

The male already had bald spots on the ear and a strong break in the hair at the withers, as well as an inflammation of the skin, which caused him problems.

We have recommended changing your diet to a good dry food in combination with LactoAdapt and CortiAdapt.

We have been able to continuously observe the successes, the itching has calmed down, the bald spots have become filled with fur and the break of the fur has filled with healthy hair again.

After 4 months I received the before and after photos from Mrs. Graf and the following report from her:

Jako almost no longer scratches himself: he no longer has red or inflamed skin, the breaking of the fur on the withers has recovered. In addition, Jako has become calmer and more balanced.

He gets almost 100 grams less from the new dog food than the previous feed. He still has good muscle mass and has gained weight.

His digestion is perfect!



proartleg maxy, multiadapt, Cortiadapt in lactoadapt


Prepared by Petra Maibüchen Germany, distributor for Dogoteka Germany

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