Published: 18 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Katarzyna Lesniak

Mesalia Optimus Corona Regni - owner Katarzyna Leśniak

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Published: 12 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Bożena Wyżga

This beautiful representative of her breed, uses MultiAdapt and CortiAdapt to keep her coat in great condition, plus her lady takes amazing care of her feet and that the female doesn't have calluses and her elbows are in perfect condition. This is an incredibly importa...

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Published: 11 JANUARY 2021


This young male had huge problems with red, dry skin and thinning hair. It was rare, dry, matte and breaking.

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Published: 09 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Kasia Wuwer

Fyodor-6-year-old Great Dane with problems with cracking skin on his paws, after using Soft PadButter, CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt.

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Published: 05 OCTOBER 2020

CortiAdapt, MultiAdapt

Healthy skin and hair after 2 month of using combination of 2 Dogoteka products - Cortiadapt and Multiadapt.

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Published: 09 SEPTEMBER 2020

Blue Great Dane

The owner of a blue Great Dane female has contacted us saying that her female has ugly and very sparse hair.

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Published: 06 SEPTEMBER 2020

CortiAdapt, MultiAdapt

Another great transformation with CortiAdapt® and MultiAdapt®. The owner contacted us if we could help him with his dog's problematic skin and coat. We recommended #cortiadapt with #multiadapt. After 10 days we received the gratifying news that the dog has 80% healthier...

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Published: 29 AUGUST 2020

Testimonials - eye inflammation

Testimonials -eye inflammation. Before - after pic 12 days in between. A client asked me if there was a miracle cure for permanent eye inflammation. I recommended her Corti Adapt and Multi Adapt in combination and she had first taken samples that showed recovery after a...

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Published: 23 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Daniele Prosseda

Since our veterinarian recommended FertiAdapt to improve the reproductive cycles of our Pomeranians and French Bulldogs, the results came suddenly, even with females who have had serious difficulties in becoming pregnant for years.

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Published: 20 AUGUST 2020

Cortiadapt - S-PAS Glorije Malin

Enzo before and after. With great care, taking a bath and with our Cortiadapt Enzo has recovered perfectly and is now looking for a forever home.

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Published: 13 AUGUST 2020

Opinione Monika Graf

In late February, Ms. Graf contacted us about her male German shepherd Jakob.

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Published: 11 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Ahmad Nasserdine

I started to treat this young German shepherd female with serious skin and hair problems. It presented areas with dermatitis, completely hairless.

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Published: 09 AUGUST 2020


I was very worried about my cat REMIGIUS, who had a panleukoenia as a kitten. REMIK had no appetite and had poor quality hair. After consulting mrs Kasia of Dogoteka Polska, I ordered LactoAdapt, CelerVis Pet and CortiAdapt for him.

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Published: 08 JULY 2020

Opinion Radoslava Gbelska

The 15 year old West Highland White Terrier dog suffering from inflammatory dermatitis has tried our products- CortiAdapt together with MultiAdapt. His owner gave him this combination for 3 weeks, after which he sent us a visible difference, the therapy will continue.

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Published: 28 JUNE 2020

Opinion Izabele Maratos

We are a breeders of Romanian Mioritic Shepherd dogs "COLLIS AMORES". Recently, we have been using supplements from Kasia Niemiec (Non Dimenticare Company)*note from Dogoteka- Non Dimenticare is distributor of Dogoteka Supplements for Poland.

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Published: 25 JUNE 2020


Postpartum alopecia resolved quickly with 3 weeks of CortiAdapt.

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Published: 20 JUNE 2020

Opinion Lagotto Romagnolo

9 year old bitch Tesa -Lagotto Romagnolo. TESA chocolate wonder. TESA is a 9-year-old female of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed. She has been trained in the search for truffles and also participates in exhibitions. During the heat, all hormonal disorders cause a weakening ...

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Published: 17 JUNE 2020

Opinion Justyna Wnuk

9 - year old female Belgian Shepherd malinois ICE vom Zabelstein - owner - Justyna Wnuk

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Published: 11 JUNE 2020

Opinion CortiAdapt, MultiAdapt

The young bitch had an acute eruption with hair loss, redness and open wounds. We recommended CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt therapy.

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Published: 09 APRIL 2020

Opinion Ingrid Movrin

3 year old Pomeranian breed female. I noticed that after using CortiAdapt her fur is thicker and of better quality, and ProArt Leg obviously suits her, because it is even more lively and she has much more desire to run and jump around.

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Published: 08 APRIL 2020

Opinion Ingrid Movrin

10 months ago, a bacteriological examination was done in bitch which diagnosed and confirmed staphylococcal skin infection.

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Published: 06 APRIL 2020

Before & After Cortiadapt Therapy

A long-haired chihuahua male lost his fur after castration. The fur he had left was dry and dead ... he was loosing his fur all the time. Cortiadapt taken for one month.

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Published: 05 APRIL 2020


English Bulldog bitch with chronic eye inflammation - conjunctivitis. Tobrex, corticosteroids ... nothing helped. This is the result (after 10 days) of treatment with Cortiadapt.

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Published: 07 FEBRUARY 2020

Opinion Lara Kralj

Shiba Inu Arai male loses weight and fur when females in kennel are in heat. Arai comes back quickly in exhibition form thanks to Dogoteka's Cortiadapt and Multiadapt.

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Published: 28 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Sara Alujevic

Our Rottweiler Alpha has had problems with dry hair and dandruff for a long time, especially during the heat period.

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Published: 27 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Jasmina Puharić Matijašić

On the picture there are Pomeranians of rare colors, like Parti color and Blue merle. They are all show dogs and CortiAdapt is used for maintaining their hair and pigment.

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Published: 18 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Riedl Bindhofer

In mid-October last year, Ms. Riedl Bindhofer contacted me, who was trying to keep a skin problem with her Westie Felix under control.

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Published: 12 DECEMBER 2019

Opinion Lara Kralj

Our Pipi regularly uses a combined therapy of MultiAdapt and CortiAdapt to keep his coat in top condition for dog shows. Since beginning of therapy we have noticed his fur has become richer and his eye tearing is practically gone.

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Published: 02 OCTOBER 2019

Opinion Agnieszka Anna Agnieszka

My Majeczka, after using CortiAdapt, stopped licking and biting her front leg (allergy, rheumatic changes), her skin conditions improved significantly (two lipomas typical of schnauzer have decreased significantly). Thanks Kasia Niemiec, Non Dimenticare and we'll contin...

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Published: 26 AUGUST 2019

Opinion Roger Ibarra

Hello I am Roger Ibarra from Spain. I know Dogoteka products and when my dog ​​Olaf had skin problems I decided to try Cortiadapt + Multiadapt therapy. See yourself the amazing result in just 20 days. Thanks Dogoteka.

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Published: 26 MAY 2019

German shepherd

German shepherd with skin problems and lost of pigment. Picture before and after only 7 days of treatment with Cortiadapt and Multiadapt.

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Published: 09 MAY 2019

Female of Shih tzu Emy

It was a pure coincidence that I came across a post concerning the CortiAdapt product. A pure accident, because I wasn't looking for anything like that.

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Published: 07 MAY 2019

Opinion Edita Šupač Schubertová

A mix breed dog with allergy problems. The owner contacted us with request for help. Her dog had allergies on food that appeared as scratching until blood and lost of hair. The dog used different antibiotics and therapies with no success. So the owner decided to try alt...

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Published: 13 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Hana

We present you Hana a French bulldog that has since 4 moths of age big problems with skin. She made visits in different veterinary clinics, she went through all allergy tests that have discovered that she is allergic to all-food, plants, environment.

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Published: 10 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Blue

BLUE (Uma del-Orte) 5 years old female of Cane Corso owner Beata Kucharska Poland. This beautiful female struggled after giving birth with the problem of thinning and tarnishing of the hair. During this period her owner Beata supported her body with CortiAdapt and Mult...

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Published: 14 DECEMBER 2018

Opinion Katerina Leova

West highland terrier, 12-year-old female, with a strong allergy, complete loss of the skin on her stomach, was constantly scratching herself, to say until the blood. After the use of the CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt an incredible result.

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Published: 11 DECEMBER 2018

Opinion Iulia

We present you Iulia, a year-and-a-half old Great Dane female. In late summer Iulia was hit by severe generalized dermatitis to the whole back. On our advice, her owner Sara has set up a therapy based on Cortiadapt. And this is the result after 15 days of therapy. More ...

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Published: 29 OCTOBER 2018

Opinion Marcin Maslowski

And that's how it started... the wonderful state of heat of my Love and it happened - the hair has thinned. I sought help everywhere, I asked everywhere what to do to prevent another similar situation and save what remains.

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Published: 21 JULY 2018

Opinion Agnieszka Zareba

Maj's story is about 5-year-old blue great dane, adopted 15 months ago, who came to me with ear problems. But I did not understand that it would be such a big problem.

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Published: 20 JULY 2018

Opinion Agata Sibielak Stypa

My Grubiutki is feeling much better lately :) CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt from Kasia Niemiec* absolutely work. I recommend them.

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Published: 11 JUNE 2018

Shih tzu TIBU Sap's Nuestro Perro

With show dogs, people invented a lot of ways to care for and protect their hair. One such invention to protect hair from mechanical damage, from urine, or in the case of ears while eating, is curlers.

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Published: 11 MAY 2018

Opinion Kasia Modzelewska

It was a pure coincidence that I found the post about the promotion of CortiAdapt. Pure coincidence, as I was not looking for nothing similar.

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Published: 08 MAY 2018

Opinion Elisabeth Stelmach Stankiewicz

I confirm that MultiAdapt, CortiAdapt and Spft Pad Butter work. Molly had a hairy patch on her head from the beginning ...

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Published: 01 MARCH 2018

Opinion Sara D'Alessandro

Good morning, these photos reflect the wonderful result that Dogoteka products have had once again!

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Published: 17 DECEMBER 2017

Mute difficulty

Female with problems of changing hair

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Published: 16 DECEMBER 2017

10 days of treatment CortiAdapt®

Foruncolosis in the muzzle and chin in female before and after treatment with CortiAdapt®.

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