Published: 22 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Marika Planinšek

Hello. These are the toe pads of our 6 years old female and are appropriately worn, dry and cracked for her years and activities.

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Published: 12 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Bożena Wyżga

This beautiful representative of her breed, uses MultiAdapt and CortiAdapt to keep her coat in great condition, plus her lady takes amazing care of her feet and that the female doesn't have calluses and her elbows are in perfect condition. This is an incredibly importa...

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Published: 10 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Beata Witkowska

Champion of Poland MISSTRAL ILU Brilliance Moon, a beautiful male Shih tzu breed, uses and recommends Dogoteka products.

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Published: 09 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Kasia Wuwer

Fyodor-6-year-old Great Dane with problems with cracking skin on his paws, after using Soft PadButter, CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt.

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Published: 11 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Ahmad Nasserdine

I started to treat this young German shepherd female with serious skin and hair problems. It presented areas with dermatitis, completely hairless.

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Published: 12 JULY 2020


Labrador retriever suffering from hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK), which leads to a particularly dry nose on the upper (dorsal) side where a layer of dry and cracked skin is formed. Fissures can occur, which lead to secondary bacterial infections.

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Published: 10 JULY 2020

Opinion Vanessa Cruz

2 months after the last treatment of leishmaniasis. Tango is normalizing proteinogram levels (leishmaniasis control) and has fully recovered the kidneys. In the past 3 months he has had severe pyoderma that has led him to ′ ′ peel off ′ ′ everything. With the help of th...

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Published: 08 JULY 2020

Opinion Aleš

I have to point out that I have been using Dogoteka's products for some time now and I am extremely satisfied and the results are seen quickly, which I personally think is essential and that the products really help.

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Published: 06 JULY 2020

Opinion Asia Głowacz

KRESH is a two year old dog from Belarus. He is a strong and handsome male, he is a show dog and must be perfect in every inch. Dobermans are large dogs, that is why they often have problems with calluses. We protect the elbows and feet with Soft Pad Butter. We are real...

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Published: 02 JULY 2020

Opinion Kamile Drozdowske

I highly recommend the products of Mrs. Kasia Niemiec (Non Dimenticare company). I am very happy with Soft Pad Butter, 2 weeks were enough and the dog runs like crazy.

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Published: 01 JULY 2020

Opinion Klaudia Karlowicz

This beautiful black male of 5 years Int. Ch., Multi. CH., Tieraz Albo Nigdy Margarejro FCI alias "Moose", uses for his beautiful black nose the Soft Pad Butter.

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Published: 26 JUNE 2020


Yuma burned herself with nettles on the walk, one evening. The owner smeared it with Soft Pad Butter this is the result of the morning.

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Published: 19 JUNE 2020

Opinion Magdalena Machowska

Opinion on the integration of ProArtLeg Maxy. We use the product in dogs of large and giant breeds during intense growth, mainly for posture defects. Our patients are very happy to take the tablets, the effects can be seen after 2-3 weeks of use.

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Published: 08 APRIL 2020

Opinion Ingrid Movrin

10 months ago, a bacteriological examination was done in bitch which diagnosed and confirmed staphylococcal skin infection.

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Published: 30 MARCH 2020

Opinion Łukasz Jarząbek

The 4-year-old French bulldog BENIO has so far had an unpleasant nose condition that many dogs are facing, a dry nose. He was also injured in the nose by his friend.

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Published: 30 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Sandra Sipek

Our Bullmastiff girl I Bravi Ragazzi Topaze is our import from Italy. We have an excellent representative of the breed in her: she is affectionate and loyal, has bright temperament and a balanced character, but she is also a natural fearless guardian.

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Published: 26 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Jolanta Iwańska

7,5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog VASCO z Gorzyckiej Zagrody - owned by Jolanta Iwańska VASCO z Gorzyckiey Zagrody, ​​breed Bernese Mountain Dog is 7.5 years old and lives in Gdansk.

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Published: 25 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Emilia Peek Kwasniewska

My white Swiss shepherd has cut his nose and after regular use of Soft Pad butter there is no trace. I sincerely recommend this product.

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Published: 23 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Maša Fiket

Today we used Soft Pad Butter on Yumas skin.

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Published: 16 DECEMBER 2019

Opinion Angel Marijić Mimić

As an owner of Peruvian Hairless dogs & Xoloitzcuintli dogs, Dogoteka’s Soft Pad Butter works great to keep their paws moisturized and protected from ice and salt on daily walks. I highly recommend this product.

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Published: 01 OCTOBER 2019

Opinion Ewa Sarnecka-Rąpała

Good morning, I have something for all non-believers. Thanks dear Kasia Niemiec, company Non Dimenticare for the wonderful supplements that work great on my dogs.

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Published: 30 AUGUST 2019

Opinion Justyna Januszak

The 4-year-old Nathan blue Great Dane, we have been using Soft Pad Butter for 9 days and finally there is a cosmetic that really works.

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Published: 06 AUGUST 2019

Opinion Magdalena Mieszala

Female of 15 years Magic, breed American Staffordshire terrier

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Published: 22 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Malgorzata Kepel

My two bulldogs have super cushions after smearing the Butter Soft Pad!!! I put it myself on my lips. It has a beautiful scent. It has such a nice smell, that unfortunately both the "grandparents" after the application must be kept, because they start the procedure "bu...

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Published: 14 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Malgorzata Galczynska

Kasia, this silly boy on the left, ruined his nose almost everywhere, from the shock I started to lubricate it with the Soft Pad Butter, and again the shock, because only a miracle ... everything disappeared, it became black. WOW. I honestly believed in effectiveness a...

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Published: 29 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Magdalena Matuszak

Beza is a female who likes to stay in touch and is also very active. Every day she travels several miles on a walk with her owner. Now, on cold winter days, for the wonderful Bezy, Madzia daily applies the Soft Pad Butter with an excellent effect.

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Published: 21 JULY 2018

Opinion Agnieszka Zareba

Maj's story is about 5-year-old blue great dane, adopted 15 months ago, who came to me with ear problems. But I did not understand that it would be such a big problem.

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Published: 05 JULY 2018

Opinion Kennel Red Ribbon

I bought a product called Soft Pad Butter last year thinking of using it as a protection for my dogs' elbows. We all know how hard they can throw themselves with their elbows on the bed or on the ground.

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Published: 11 JUNE 2018

Shih tzu TIBU Sap's Nuestro Perro

With show dogs, people invented a lot of ways to care for and protect their hair. One such invention to protect hair from mechanical damage, from urine, or in the case of ears while eating, is curlers.

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Published: 08 MAY 2018

Opinion Elisabeth Stelmach Stankiewicz

I confirm that MultiAdapt, CortiAdapt and Spft Pad Butter work. Molly had a hairy patch on her head from the beginning ...

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Published: 14 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Sara D'Alessandro

I strongly recommend to all this butter! Within a week I solved the problem of my puppy, she had a large and swollen callus that blew and now has only a small scab where she had the wound. I applied every day after disinfecting the affected area, it has a very good coco...

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Published: 12 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Claudia Reghelin

Thanks IN PRIMIS Shaira El Din that RECOMMENDED me THIS PRODUCT ... MY DOG OF 15 YEARS DO NOT Want TO USE materass OR lie on the grass ... AND for one year he was suffering from calluses...

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