Published: 23 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Aneta Bilińska

Female German Shepherd - Equus Kennel owner Aneta Bilińska

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Published: 08 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Natalia Sarach

At the age of 3, SASQUEHANNA SAAMI, a short-haired chihuahua female, gave birth to her first babies. She uses and recommends CelerVis Pet paste, which is irreplaceable during delivery and during lactation, which enhances perfectly.

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Published: 09 OCTOBER 2020

Opinion Aleš Lahajnar

I used the Celervis Pet paste for my female during birth for the first time and she liked it and also tolerated it well. She is always fast with giving birth to puppies. This time she gave birth to 9 puppies in 4 and a half hours. Already the previous litter of 6 pupp...

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Published: 03 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Aneta Bilińska

CelerVis Pet!!!-useful during delivery, increases lactation!!! 7-year-old Parson Russell terrier SIMBA - kennel Equus owner Aneta Bilińska

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Published: 02 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Robert Lohn

Robert Lohn with Fraser vom Schutzenbruch. It was warm and humid, in support of the weather he got CelerVis Pet - it's for dogs, especially those who are exposed to increased efforts through work performance or exercise and consume a lot of energy. An addition of CelerV...

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Published: 19 AUGUST 2020

Leglo R-Latmon

R-Latmon litter. 6th day and little fatties have more then 1kg weight already 🥰🥰🥰.

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Published: 18 AUGUST 2020


Mom who has just given birth Takes Celervis Pet to recover after giving birth and for a super breastfeeding 🐾😘🐾

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Published: 17 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Ewelina Kropka

Expedition to the Karkonoski National Park.

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Published: 09 AUGUST 2020


I was very worried about my cat REMIGIUS, who had a panleukoenia as a kitten. REMIK had no appetite and had poor quality hair. After consulting mrs Kasia of Dogoteka Polska, I ordered LactoAdapt, CelerVis Pet and CortiAdapt for him.

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Published: 06 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Iwona Paprocka

Whippet PARDON SONO BELLA Minori ad Majus (at home AMI) during the race in Biskupice. AMI is a beautiful and fit female, she loves to actively spend her time.

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Published: 04 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Ales - Rottweilers from PRIMO'S IMPERIUM

CelerVis five helps me a lot in working with a dog. I train IGP and here are three disciplines (track, obedience, defense) and I always use CelerVis after the discipline I trained to get my dog ​​to regenerate quickly and get extra strength, explosiveness for the next d...

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Published: 04 JULY 2020

Opinion Marko Brili

.... after the ascent to Stol (2236 m above sea level) we should be honored with CelerVis Pet from Dogoteka 😍 😎 I know your love for O girls ...

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Published: 27 MARCH 2020

Opinion CelerVis Pet®

This little Pomeranian bitch had her first litter!

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Published: 02 FEBRUARY 2020

Celervis Pet

Our Celervis Pet has a great effect on the milk production of the females. The amount of milk is truly impressive, it also allows them to quickly recover their shape and strength after giving birth.

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Published: 20 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Katarzyna Wesolowska

Thanks to Kasia Niemiec for the gift. Thanks to Celervis Pet paste my female is happy and full of energy just a week after bloat.

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Published: 03 OCTOBER 2019

Opinion Helena Zamazalová

To our great pleasure we received a comment from Helena Zamazalová, owner of the 5 year old female Great Dane, mainly for our new Dogoteka product, CelerVis Pet.

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Published: 28 AUGUST 2019

Opinion Małgorzata Rucińska-Fiertek

Thousand thanks to Kasia Niemiec's Non Dimenticare company for recommending me the CelerVis Pet of Dogoteka.

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Published: 22 JULY 2019

Yannick Maibuechen and Fantos Pallas Athene, kennel Pallas Athene Germany

Yannick is using Celervis Pet paste for training and for competitions. With this product Fantos Pallas Athene is super fresh and full of energy and is recovering very fast after competitions.

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Published: 17 JULY 2019

Opinion Nataša Predalič

Just when I was looking for a preparation for dogs with similar substances like energy bars for people, I discovered that Dogoteka was preparing a new CelerVis Pet product.

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