Published: 10 DECEMBER 2020


After bath in champions shampoo... easy comb without using conditioner

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Published: 14 NOVEMBER 2020

Opinion Violetta Paluch

4 month old shih tzu puppy - breeder Violetta Paluch, owner J. Skupien

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Published: 09 SEPTEMBER 2020

Blue Great Dane

The owner of a blue Great Dane female has contacted us saying that her female has ugly and very sparse hair.

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Published: 21 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Maddalena Bukowska

Male 3 year old dachshund - owner Maddalena Bukowska MIDAS Evasion this is the name of this beautiful dog.

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Published: 10 JULY 2020

Opinion Bogumiła Strzyżewska

My almost 7 month old KASHMIR Ad Acte, pictured after a bath with DogoMilk shampoo. His hair is awesome. Currently, a week after bathing and not a single tangled hair.

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Published: 08 JULY 2020

Opinion Marta Hodor

Little LUSIA used DogoMilk shampoo for her first bath in her new home. She is now clean and soft. Her owner knows that DogoMilk is perfect for the puppy's skin and coat. And LUSIA seems happy.

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Published: 01 JULY 2020


Shih tzu female 8 years old, owner Kasia Niemiec Poland. Female Amore Mio washed with DogoMilk shampoo. On the pictures and video, the coat of the dog without use of conditioner or oils.

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Published: 13 JUNE 2020

Opinion Magdalena Bukowska

After a bath in the DogoMilk shampoo, the dachshund is first-soft, second-shiny and third-like being licked by another dog, finally combed and I didn't have to treat it with scissors.

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Published: 12 FEBRUARY 2020

Opinion Anna Pasek

Freduś is 10 years old, due to his age, despite regular care, his hair was dry and dull. Because I have so many years of experience with this breed, I have used various cosmetics but without many results.

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Published: 22 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Ride Rider Kennel

Suitable for the most sensitive skin.

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